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Caring Concepts Ltd. is a new store in Tacoma Washington With a mission for the future, A Smoke Free America and Beyond!!

This mission was a result of a challenge issued by our CEO's wife, Mrs. Heidi Rose Cox, who has been battling stage four Colon Cancer since June of 2004. Heidi boldly challenged her husband of over twenty years to quit smoking. As they were driving home Heidi stated “I didn’t choose my cancer and being a smoker you are!”
Kenneth B. Cox, our CEO is a veteran from the Vietnam Era and recognized mortgage banker for over thirty five years and accepted his wife's challenge. He started to research all of the 'Stop Smoking Tools' that are on the market both old and new versions. He was shortly introduced to the Electronic Cigarette also called a “Personal Vaporizer.” After, some trial and error, he found the product and the support that helped him meet his wife's challenge within six weeks of this discovery Mr. Cox, a smoker of over forty years became a non- smoker.
Mr. Cox who has taught and represented the Armed Forces for over three decades felt it was a natural and necessary move to start with the US ARMY, within weeks the concepts and our key products were welcomed at all levels of service. The MOVEMENT has begun!!
We encourage you to not only watch the growth, but take up the challenge yourself!!

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Learn to use your new Life Stick™

We are excited that you've taken the first step towards an alternative to smoking. We want to make sure you know the ins and outs of your new Life Stick™.

Our Goal is to set you up for success

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Why Our Juice is Superior

We take extreme care in creating our juice. Our goal is to give you the most vapor, best flavor and all with zero additives!!

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What Hayli says makes our store awesome!

I really love what you are all doing here, Working for a smoke Free America is so Inspiring. Smoking has never been a personal Problem of mine, but it has affected a lot of loved ones in my life. I would love to become a part of your Wonderful Business in hopes of helping my loved ones, and other's loved ones Live smoke free lives. You don't just do it for money, you strive for a better place on earth and healthier people.

It has a very welcoming atmosphere, the employees know their product and what sets them apart from everyone else. The store is large and open, very inviting and the decor is absolutely beautiful.

Hayli In Store Customer

A Smoke Free America and Beyond!!

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